Announcing ReSound Vea

ReSound VeaReSound’s new line of budget hearing aids is here!

ReSound Vea delivers great sound quality to a lot of people. Its advanced feedback management system and sophisticated noise reduction keep sound clear. And Adaptive Directionality with Integrated Wind Noise Management™ and SoftSwitching™ provide outdoor comfort and speech understanding in noise.

“Compared to competing products, ReSound Vea has a huge advantage in the areas of adaptive directionality and reduction of both wind noise and background noise,” said Kevin Mensink, VP of Marketing, ReSound.

The Vea family delivers:

  • Two price points to meet the most price-sensitive patient’s needs
  • New BTE housings featuring sturdy, robust design
  • Industry-leading moisture protection: iSolate™ nanotech

“At the end of the day, someone buying ReSound VeaTM is looking for a reliable hearing aid that delivers speech understanding in dynamic listening environments – without feedback and at a decent price,” said Jennifer Carlson, Commercial Product Manager, ReSound.

Learn more about ReSound Vea.

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