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Creating an Effective Consultation Sales Process

Successful practitioners plan and execute best practices continuously while always striving to find ways to enhance and hone their professional skills.  This was the lead statement by Greg Stafford, ReSound Strategic Account Manager, during our recent Business Partner Summit, where … Continue reading

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Building a Patient Referral Program

A referral is still viewed by consumers as the most trusted source when making a buying decision.  Word-of-mouth, testimonials, a referral, can be delivered  face-to-face from someone a consumer knows or even online as a customer opinion or feedback. As … Continue reading

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Practice Builder: Increasing Patient Engagement

At our recent Business Partner Summit in St. Paul, Minnesota, ReSound marketing leaders spoke about how to engage your past patients to drive future sales for your practice. First, here is the simple dollars and sense reason why keeping past … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – The Mini Mic Rocks!

Since the launch of the Unite Mini Microphone, we’ve heard nothing but good things from our customers about how it is helping to transform the lives of their patients. Tricia Veik at Concept by IOWA Hearing AID Centers shared a … Continue reading

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Kasewurm’s Key to Practice Success

Dr. Gyl Kasewurm is the founder, president and owner of Professional Hearing Services in St. Joseph, MI.  She recently contributed an article to the Hearing Journal on “A Practice’s Key to Success”.  Here are some key takeaways from that article. … Continue reading

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Multi-Program Options Can Help Users Meet New Listening Challenges

By Jennifer Groth, Global Audiology With summer upon us, many will take the opportunity to get away from it all, or perhaps seek excitement and new experiences. Regardless of what any individual might be looking for, hearing instrument wearers who … Continue reading

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Unite Mini Mic – Motivation for “Learning French”

When it comes to new hearing technology, there’s often a barrier to adoption because it’s simply easier to stick with what you know.  Embracing new technologies and learning how to use the software is like learning a new language and … Continue reading

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