Tech Tip – Accessing the Second Streamer

Aventa 3 allows for up to three streamer accessories to be paired with the hearing instrument(s).

For example, a TV Streamer may be setup in Slot A, a Mini Mic in Slot B, and another TV Streamer in Slot C.  When the patient wants to use the Mini Mic in environments where the TV Streamers are not available, you can bypass a search for the TV Streamer in Slot A, and go directly to Slot B.

Accessing the Second StreamerTo bypass having the hearing instrument(s) search  for the Streamer in Slot A, press the streaming button two times with the following indications: 

  • The first time the streamer button is pressed, the instrument(s) Accessing the Second Streamer in Aventa 3will present an audible melody, and Slot A will illuminate.
  • The second time the streamer button is pressed, no melody is given, however the remote control will illuminate the accessory connected in Slot B, for example, “Mini Mic,” and streaming will engage.
  • To disengage from streaming, either select
    • The Home button, to return to Program 1 settings, or
    • The Program button, to return whatever program settings were engaged before the streamer button was pressed.

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