Optimizing Your Selling System Part 2

By Greg Stafford and Brad Romney

The second part of this post, which was started on Wednesday, May 9, focuses on the remaining 2 common mistakes made in the selling process.

3) Feature Dumping

Signs of Weakness:

  • Tendency to jump into technology prematurely.
  • Habitually explaining every feature & benefit.
  • Adding fear by making technology seem too advanced and complicated.

Presenting Features Effectively

  • Describe the feature(s) in simple terms of patient benefit and overall outcome.
  • Only describe the feature(s) that apply to the patient’s explicit needs.
  • Pick up on buying signals to know when and how to present features effectively.
  • Demo the hearing device to add conclusive evidence.
    (hearing is believing)

4) Failure to Overcome Objections & Close With Impact

Signs of Weakness:

  • Tendency to close prematurely.
  • Lacking confidence in hearing device performance capabilities and worth.
  • Failing to clearly communicate your expectations.
  • Failing to summarize patient requirements.
  • Failing to cover value-added service benefits.
  • Discomfort with asking for payment.

Overcoming Objections:

  • Understand the real underlying objection(s).
    “I need to go home and think about it. I need to shop around    and make sure I’m getting the best price for these hearing aids.”
    “I need to make sure my spouse supports me in this major purchase.”
  • Use the right tools needed for the situation.
    – service guarantee (reluctance)
    – financing, discounting, or down-selling (price)
  • Relate – Focus – Check.
    “Seek first to understand.”

Effective Closing Techniques

  • Explain your total value-added service package before presenting product & price.
  • Summarize the patient’s explicit needs before presenting product & price.
  • Be positive and confident in your recommendation.
  • Be assumptive as you ask for the order.
  • Present the price in a written format.
  • Congratulate the patient for taking action to purchase.

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