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Vietnam Vet Brought to Tears by Alera TS

By Deb Castor I had an incredible experience yesterday that I am compelled to share with all of you – under the category of “why we do what we do”…. I had the pleasure of spending the day with one … Continue reading

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ReSound On “Tanisha Gets Married”

ReSound has donated hearing aids to the Oxygen Docu-Series “Tanisha Gets Married”.  Tanisha’s groom, Clive Muir, woke up one morning with sudden hearing loss. It was accompanied by Tinnitus and Vertigo, which were so bad that Clive was hospitalized.  ReSound … Continue reading

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Remote Microphone Hearing Instrument Technology

ReSound’s Jennifer Groth and Stephen Hallenbeck recently contributed an article to AudiologyOnline entitled “Evidence-based Design Leads to Remote Microphone Hearing Instrument Technology”.  This article discusses the underlying principles that guided the design process of Remote Microphone hearing instrumentation at ReSound. … Continue reading

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Progressive Tinnitus Management

By Michael Piskosz Progressive Tinnitus Management (PTM) is a patient-centered approach to Tinnitus management that uses both sound therapy and counseling.  It has a structured approach on how to use sound, but is very flexible regarding the types of sounds … Continue reading

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Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

By Michael Piskosz Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) focuses on breaking the vicious cycle of Tinnitus annoyance.  This approach is based on the neurophysiological model of Tinnitus and educates the individual in how to ultimately habituate to the Tinnitus. Habituation is … Continue reading

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Advanced Hearing Instruments & Battery Technology

By Jennifer Groth A great challenge for hearing instrument manufacturers is to balance the ever-increasing desire for more advanced hearing instrument features with the rather stagnant performance of hearing instrument batteries. In addition, developments geared toward more environmentally friendly batteries, … Continue reading

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Practice Building Tips

As a private practice owner, you’re always looking for ways to generate more traffic and grow your business.  Here are some areas to focus on based on the kinds of trends we’re seeing in the hearing healthcare industry. Traffic Generation … Continue reading

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Tinnitus Awareness Week

May 13 – 19 is Tinnitus Awareness Week.  In recognition of this, we’re posting a series of blog posts on Tinnitus management authored by ReSound’s Michael Piskosz.  The first post in this series talks about the role of sound therapy … Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Selling System Part 2

By Greg Stafford and Brad Romney The second part of this post, which was started on Wednesday, May 9, focuses on the remaining 2 common mistakes made in the selling process. 3) Feature Dumping Signs of Weakness: Tendency to jump … Continue reading

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Optimizing Your Selling System

By Greg Stafford and Brad Romney Successful hearing aid centers plan and execute best practices continuously.  We know that most of what you do to manage patient care is smart and efficient. Our objective is to shed light on some … Continue reading

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