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Alera FAQs – Unite Mini Microphone Part 3

What causes a break in connection between the Mini Microphone and the hearing instruments? The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone and hearing aids are not within wireless range: Assure that the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone and hearing aids are within wireless … Continue reading

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ReSound iSolate Nanotech vs. Competing Products

By Jennifer Groth There have been some questions about how ReSound’s iSolate Nanotech compares to competing products. Other hearing instrument manufacturers make a point of emphasizing that their technology is “oleophobic” as well as “superhydrophobic”, thereby implying that others are … Continue reading

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The Marketing Silver Bullet

Marketing is often one of the toughest challenges faced by private practice owners.  Specifically, how much to spend on marketing and where to spend it. Professional Hearing Services owner, Dr. Gyl Kasewurm, says there’s no crystal ball that answers that … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Mini Microphone Part 2

How do I adjust the volume on the Mini Microphone? Adjusting the listening volume can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that volume adjustments apply to the streamed signal only, not the volume of normal environmental … Continue reading

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What is a common mistake many of us make in hearing aid fitting?

By Jennifer Groth One of the responsibilities of Global Audiology is testing of new products with consumers during development. We follow well-defined protocols that should allow us to quickly identify and pinpoint issues. When a complaint or issue surfaces, we … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – Unite Mini Mic Success Stories

We’ve received some great feedback so far from audiologists and dispensers using the Unite Mini Microphone wireless accessory.  Some ReSound customers have joked that the Mini Mic has saved a number of marriages and others have shared the unique ways … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Mini Microphone

What is the latency of the streamed signal? The latency less than 20 ms. How do I pair the hearing aids to the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone? Pairing the SM in channel 1: Make sure ReSound Unite™ SM is turned … Continue reading

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