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Where is the wireless antenna for the remote mic wireless devices?
The antenna is in the microphone tube in the concha of the ear (connecting the microphone to the shell).

Why is wireless not an option in some custom devices (eg, CIC)?
The antenna does not fit.

Where should the mic of the remote mic hearing instrument be located in the ear?
The mic tube should be of a length to place the mic at the concha cymba of the ear, or where the concha meets the inferior horizontal flap of the ear. It should not be too long as to rub the ear or cause discomfort, and it should not be too short as to fail to retain well in the ear.

What considerations should be taken for earmold impressions when planning to fit a custom remote mic device?
The earmold impression should be deep enough to reach or slightly exceed the 2nd bend of the canal as usual, but care should also be taken to fill the concha bowl completely, so that the concha cymba (top of concha) is included in the impression. This will ensure the mic tube of the device is the appropriate length for the patient.

How long should a battery last for various versions of Alera wireless custom hearing instruments?
Battery life is dependent on a number of factors: hours usage of wireless, the degree of hearing loss, the features activated in the device, and the surrounding environment. For Alera wireless custom hearing instruments (AL930-MPW and AL950-MPW), the following estimates of battery life are based on real measurements for these common scenarios where the hearing instrument is worn for a total of 16 hours per day.

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Alera Custom Products






Alera Custom Products

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