Foundation For Sight & Sound Launches Help America Hear Scholarship

As you may already know, ReSound is the exclusive provider of hearing aids for the Help America Hear program that was created by the Foundation for Sight and Sound.  This program is designed to help hearing impaired Americans who cannot afford to buy hearing aids.

This month, the Foundation for Sight and Sound launched a new Help America Hear scholarship program.  The scholarship is open to all high school seniors, nationally, who presently wear hearing aids or will benefit from one.   Students will write an essay centered on the experiences and challenges they face in all phases of life as a person with a hearing impairment. The winning student will receive $500.00 towards the college of their choice and two state of the art ReSound hearing aids.

“We are looking to find the student who best exemplifies the ideals of reaching their full potential while dealing with the daily, pervasive challenge of a hearing loss.” said Mitchel Shapiro, Founder of Foundation For Sight & Sound,   Mr. Shapiro has worn hearing aids for 40 years and understands the challenges students face with hearing impairments.

“Hearing loss is not taken seriously enough in America.” says Dave Carr, Co-Founder of Help America Hear.  Dave is a third generation Hearing Instruments Specialist with over 14 years’ experience in the hearing health care industry.

For more information on the scholarship program and to apply, visit:


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