A Note on Sound Quality

Excellent sound quality is a claim made by many hearing instrument brands, including Resound. But when it comes down to proving sound quality, there does not seem to be a definitive measure.

Global Audiology team member, Marit Claussen, is representing GN ReSound in the Hearing Aid Sound Quality Evaluation project with Senselab/DELTA. The aim is to yield a new tool to the hearing aid industry that takes the sound quality evaluation to a new level by using an expert assessor panel as seen in other industries (e.g. food, perfume, etc). Currently the team is working on establishing an expert panel of hearing impaired assessors. In this process, they are evaluating whether the hearing impaired participants make different sound quality judgments than normal-hearing, and whether they show preferences for the sound quality of the brand of hearing instruments they typically wear. Finally, they are developing an attribute set for hearing aid sound quality evaluation which can be used in the future for a more objective way to qualify such a subjective thing as sound quality.

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