Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip Part 2

How do I make a call?
Initiating a phone call is not any different with or without ReSound Unite Phone Clip: Simply use the mobile phone keyboard to enter or select the number to dial. If connected, the phone streaming mode will be activated automatically, and you will hear the ring tones in the hearing instruments.

How do I adjust the volume?
Your ReSound Unite Phone Clip has an easy to operate volume control for increasing or decreasing the loudness of the streamed signal. Depending on the phone, you can also utilize the volume control that is built in your mobile phone. It is also possible to use the ReSound Unite Remote Control (optional) to adjust the volume.

What is the step size of the volume changes on the Phone Clip?
3 dB

Can I change the ring tone?
No, the Phone Clip has its own ring tone. The volume of the ring tone can be changed in the Aventa 3 software.

Why can’t I hear the ring tone when someone is calling?
The Unite Phone Clip may be out of the hearing instruments’ range: Make sure the Unite Phone Clip is kept within 30 cm (12 inches) of the hearing instruments.

Why do I miss calls I want to take?
If the connect button on the Unite Phone Clip is pressed for more than 3 seconds the mobile will turn off. Make sure that you press the button rapidly to answer a call.

How should I handle calls in noisy environments?
If you have a speech + microphone program as the default telephone program you might consider contacting your Hearing Care Professional and getting it changed to a Speech-only program. In this program you will only hear the streamed telephone signal without intervention of any environmental sounds.

Why can’t callers hear me speaking?
Be sure to speak straight into the microphone, keeping it 10-30 cm (4-12 inches) from your mouth. Do not let the Unite Phone Clip rub against your clothing or anything else during calls.

Can I use ”Voice dial” and ”redial” functions?
No, it is not possible to use “Voice dial” and “redial” functions.

Does the Phone Clip accept an audio cable?

What happens if you are watching TV and the phone rings?
If the patient is in range of the Phone Clip they will hear the phone ring in the hearing aid.      They can press the “call” button on the Phone Clip to answer the call.

What products can be recommended for using the Phone Clip with a landline phone?
The Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth adaptor can be used with a landline phone, but this is an expensive and not convenient solution. Bluetooth compatible landline phones, such as the AT&T model TL92270 work well with the Phone Clip and are available for less than 100 USD from consumer electronics stores.

If the user were to pass the phone to someone else during the call would they lose the call?
Yes, it is not possible to switch between using the Phone Clip and listening to the phone directly while on a call.

Will I have to replace the Phone Clip battery?  If so, how often should I expect to replace it?
The PhoneClip battery should last for at least 500 charges. It can be replaced by sending it back to ReSound.

Can calls be made/taken while the Phone Clip is charging?
Although the Phone Clip works while being charged, we must advise not to use it while charging. Because it is approved under the medical device directive, it should not be connected to a mains power source while being worn.

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  1. Will the AT&T tl92270 land phone work with my Resound Linx 9 and the Phone Clip +? I have the iphone 5 that works great with the +. I need this at work, and they will pay for a new land phone but not the Streamer thing that is available now.

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