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Improving Hearing Aid Function in Noisy Situations

Senior Audiologist, Tammara Stender, recently contributed an article to the November 1st issue of the ASHA Leader, in which she discussed the challenges of improving speech intelligibility in background noise. It is no surprise that use in noisy situations is … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip Part 3

How many Bluetooth devices can I pair to the Phone Clip? Up to 8 device can be paired but only 1 can be “on” at a time Is the Phone Clip in stereo? No, it is mono. Can the Phone … Continue reading

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Hearing Pros Speak – The Role of the Spouse in the Counseling Process

We talked to some of our hearing professional customers to get their perspectives on the impact of having a spouse attend the appointment with the patient.  Here’s what they had to say. “The spouse is critical to the process and … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip Part 2

How do I make a call? Initiating a phone call is not any different with or without ReSound Unite Phone Clip: Simply use the mobile phone keyboard to enter or select the number to dial. If connected, the phone streaming … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Pairing the Mini Microphone in Aventa 3.2.5

The Unite™ Mini Microphone brings wireless technology to a whole new level.  This versatile and easy to use accessory is paired and used with Alera hearing aids upgraded in the Aventa 3.2.5 software. To work with the Unite™ Mini Microphone, … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Recalculating an Initial Fit Using In-Situ Audiometry Results

ReSound’s Aventa 3.2.5 software includes In-Situ Audiometry, and the option to recalculate instrument(s) program settings based on updated audiometric data. In-Situ Audiometry Screen Once In-Situ Audiometry is complete, selecting, “Auto Fit,” will recalculate instrument(s) program settings, or choosing “Save” and … Continue reading

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Generic Target Rules May Vary among Hearing Aid Manufacturer Fitting Software

By Jennifer Groth Did you know that generic target rules, such as NAL-NL1, are sometimes altered in fitting software? Targets for NAL-NL1 and other generic prescriptions may vary for the same audiogram in different manufacturer fitting software. This is because … Continue reading

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ReSound Audiologist, Stephen Hallenbeck, Named Distinguished Alumni by Rush University

Bloomington, MN, December 13, 2011 – –  ReSound Audiologist, Stephen Hallenbeck, AuD,  has been honored with the Rush University AuD Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award for 2011. Dr. Hallenbeck received the Rush University Aud Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award from the … Continue reading

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Alera FAQs – Unite Phone Clip

How do I pair the Unite Phone Clip and my mobile phone? The pairing procedure is controlled by your mobile phone. Different mobile phones have different menu structures. You should therefore refer to your mobile phone’s manual if you cannot … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak: Real Life Uses of Wireless Accessories

One thing we constantly hear from our private practice customers is a keen interest in real life examples of how the Unite wireless accessories have been used to help other patients. Thumper Johnson, an audiologist at Mid-Kansas Ear Nose & … Continue reading

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