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Benefits of In-Situ Audiometry

By Jenny Nesgaard Pedersen, AuD With our recent wave of product launches, we also added the In-Situ Audiometry feature to ReSound Alera hearing aids. This feature offers a means to conveniently and accurately measure patient hearing sensitivity with resulting thresholds … Continue reading

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Fitting Alera FAQs – Part 2

What happens if a patient walks outside the range of the Airlink before saving during a fitting session?  Will the settings be saved automatically to the device or software? As long as the devices are not rebooted (battery doors opened … Continue reading

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Advances in Amplification – ReSound Symposium

We’re pleased to announce the very first ReSound Online Symposium coming this November!  “Advances in Amplification: Meeting the Needs of Aging Adults” will be hosted online at AudiologyOnline November 7 – 11, 2011. The symposium is designed with one live … Continue reading

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Fitting Alera FAQs

Is Safe Fitting defaulted to on or off? It is defaulted to “on.”  This ensures that the patient will not experience feedback during a first fitting.  If a dispenser attempts to raise gain above the MSG, where feedback is likely, … Continue reading

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Tips for Demoing Alera

A live demo of ReSound Alera and Unite wireless accessories is a highly effective way to communicate user benefits.  We’re always interested in hearing from our community of dispensers and hearing care professionals about demoing techniques that have been particularly … Continue reading

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Fitting Alera – Feedback from the Experts

As we’re always looking for feedback from those of you in the field fitting ReSound hearing aids, we recently posted on SoCal Sonus’ Facebook page to gather feedback on Alera.  Here’s what hearing care professionals at Sonus had to say … Continue reading

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Alera Frequently Asked Questions

Since ReSound Alera launched to market in August 2010, we’ve been collecting and logging the most frequently asked questions about Alera.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting Alera FAQs in a number of categories, including: Fitting Surround Sound & … Continue reading

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Deaf Children in the Dominican Republic – Part 2

By Dusty Potter Due to the hard work and compassion of CAES founder, Jose Montilla, there are now four centers for the deaf in different areas of the Dominican Republic, all of which have a teacher and meet wherever they … Continue reading

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Bringing the Gift of Sound to Children in the Dominican Republic

ReSound friend, Dusty Potter, President of Ear Level Communications, recounts his recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic to fit hearing impaired children with donated ReSound hearing aids. We were able to fit about 90 children with about 170 hearing … Continue reading

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Product Announcement – Mini BTE and Custom Products

We’re pleased to announce that we’re adding two new products to the Alera® line of hearing aids: Mini BTE 67 Non-Wireless Custom The Mini BTE 67 is small and discrete with all the capabilities of the ReSound Alera® family including … Continue reading

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