Tech Tip – Operating Systems

Noahlink , Aventa 2.95 and Windows 7
On occasion, when working with Noahlink and Aventa 2.95 on a Windows 7 32 or 64 bit operating system, attempts to connect following an initial successful connection may result in a “No connected instruments found,” message.

Suggested workarounds  include any of the following strategies:
•  Remove the Noahlink battery, place it back in, turn the Noahlink unit back on, or
•  Go to the task manager and end the process for   noahlindrv.exe

  • Access the task manager by pressing ctrl, alt and delete simultaneously
  • Go to the Processes tab
  • Highlight noahlindrv.exe
  • Click on the End Process button

•    Reboot the computer

SpeedLink, Aventa 2.95 and 64 bit Operating Systems       
In order for SpeedLink to work in Aventa 2.95 with 64 bit operating systems, it is important to install a 64-bit driver for SpeedLink.  To download, go to:
•  /SpeedlinkDriverfor64bitOS.aspx
•  Once downloaded, click on setup.exe to install.

Noah System, Windows 7 and other 64 bit Operating Systems
Ensure the version of Noah you have installed on your compluter is compatible with your  operating system.
•  The version of Noah used on Windows 7 32 or 64 bit operating systems and the Vista 64 bit operating system, must be either Noah 3.7 or Noah 4.
•  For more information on HIMSA’s recommendations regarding compatibility of Noah system on any Windows operating system, go to

HI PRO and 64 Bit Operating Systems       
When using a 64 bit operating system and trying to connect using either a traditional serial port HiPRO box (with or without USB to serial port adapter) or a HIPRO USB box, the following error may occur- Error running C:\Program Files (x86)\GN ReSound\Aventa2\COM_HOOK.EXE Error = 216.

This error occurs in the following scenarios
•  When using  a traditional serial port HIPRO Box.

  • The traditional HIPRO box was designed to work with 16 bit operating systems.
  • Suggested  solutions include:
    a) Simply clidk through errors until you are able  to connect to aids.
    b) Switch to an  alternateprogramming  interface

•    When using  a USB HIPRO box that

  • Needs to be configured
    a) Go to Start/All Programs/GN Otometrics/HIPRO Configuration

•    Run configuration

•  Select, “Download,” and “Download the HI PRO Installation CD.”
•  When using  an interface other than HiPRO , but the Aventa routing is set to HIPRO.

  • Go to: edit/preferences/programming interface.
    a) Change to interface of choice.
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