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You Wouldn’t Think It Would Be So Complicated….

By Jennifer Groth The cartoon character from the future, George Jetson, was transported to work in a flying vehicle with all kinds of navigational aids and traffic alerts. The family home was managed with the help of a housecleaning robot, … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Preparing for Noah 4

Did you know…HIMSA’s official support of Noah 3 will end on September 30, 2013. Our tech tip for this month helps you to prepare for the transition to NOAH 4. If you haven’t already thought about upgrading, or, perhaps, you … Continue reading

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Your Most Challenging Patient – The Musician?

By Steve Hallenbeck Over the past few months, I have worked with some musicians in field trials, remote fittings and with Resound customers.  As a musician, I found these fittings both challenging and rewarding.  One of the best things that … Continue reading

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Announcing the 2nd Moment Maker Grant Winner!

We’re pleased to announce our 2nd Moment Maker Grant winner – Michael Mallahan from Hearing the Children.  Since 2003, Michael’s organization has been taking audiology teams to Guatemala twice a year. They serve children in seven different towns and have … Continue reading

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How Did I Ever Manage Without My Hearing Aids?

We all know the height of the barriers to adoption and how long it takes to come around to the idea of wearing hearing aids.  However, once you give in, there’s no going back.  We consistently hear end-users comment that … Continue reading

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Music Lovers with Hearing Loss

When it comes to treating hearing loss, music lovers often struggle to find a hearing aid that allows them to enjoy music like they used to.  With ReSound Verso, however, users are consistently commenting on the instrument’s clear and natural … Continue reading

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Burgeoning Basketball Star Overcomes Hearing Loss

Muskegon High School junior, Janiece Levelston, is a burgeoning high school basketball star – and she has mild to severe hearing loss. First diagnosed in First Grade, Janiece struggled to come to terms with her hearing loss, finding her hearing … Continue reading

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Verso Makes Conversations Meaningful

Michael Walker is an audiologist in Utah and a ReSound customer.  He recently sent us a great story about a patient and her husband, who have both had positive experiences wearing Verso. “I had my first Verso patient return this … Continue reading

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What Would Alexander Graham Bell Think?

The launch of the iPhone 5 to the market has been met with incredible publicity and fanfare. Everywhere in the media – in print, online or broadcast over the radio or television – people have meticulously reviewed the newest version … Continue reading

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Help America Hear Scholarship Program

Applications are now open for The Foundation for Sight and Sound’s Help America Hear Scholarship Program.  The purpose of this scholarship is to help students with hearing challenges reach their full potential by giving them the gift of sound. The … Continue reading

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