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Tech Tip – Connecting VEA™ BTE Instruments in Aventa 3

ReSound’s Vea™ offers an easy to fit, durable, fitting solution. The hearing instruments are protected with Isolate™ nanotech, offer advanced features options, and are available in two price points. Vea™ hearing instruments are connected in Aventa 3 using programming cables … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Alera TS™ Products: Sound Generator Program Environment Options

ReSound Alera TS™ gives patients many different program environment options and the sound generator can be activated during any fitting via Aventa 3 software. Alera TS™ allows the sound generator to run simultaneously with amplification programs, such as Natural Directionality … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – ReSound Airlink Troubleshooting

ReSound’s Airlink™ is a truly wireless programming interface, using a 2.4 GHz transmission directly to antennae in the hearing instruments. This revolutionary method eliminates any additional relay devices and cables, ensuring patient comfort with state of the art programming. If … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Alera TS™ Environmental Steering

ReSound Alera TS™ provides superior sound processing with features such as frequency shaping, amplitude modulation, and flexible program choices.  The Alera TS™ offers personalized fittings, available in various makes and models. A truly unique feature of the Alera TS™, which … Continue reading

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The Right Way to Demo

By Robin Donham, ReSound Product Training Manager According to audiologists and dispensers that recommend and sell ReSound products, the key to the sale is in the demonstration. A great demonstration could mean a satisfied hearing instrument user even before the … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Pairing a Phone Clip with a Cell Phone

The Phone Clip provides patients with the benefit of hands free talk time, when used with their cellular phone. Below are some tips to try when troubleshooting the pairing of a cellular phone to the Phone Clip. When a set … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Accessing the Second Streamer

Aventa 3 allows for up to three streamer accessories to be paired with the hearing instrument(s). For example, a TV Streamer may be setup in Slot A, a Mini Mic in Slot B, and another TV Streamer in Slot C. … Continue reading

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Warp vs Other Sound Processing Strategies

By Jenny Groth The old story about FFT etc compared to Warp somehow got all muddled in the telling. FFT, IIR and FIR are digital filters. We use all of these types filters in our compressor, in our feedback cancellation, … Continue reading

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Fitting FAQs

What happens when the receiver doesn’t match what the software thinks? If you have a NP receiver on a hearing instrument configured as HP, you get LESS gain than you see on the fitting screen. You are under-fitting. If you … Continue reading

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Hearing Aid Batteries

Many markets are moving to mercury-free zinc air batteries for hearing aids. Although more environ­mentally friendly, the new battery technology is not a great friend to hearing aid performance. In a test of Rayovac brand batteries, the first generation of … Continue reading

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