How Maureen O’Shea Came To Think Differently About Hearing Aids

MaureenOShea-3-20151109Maureen O’ Shea is an avid golfer living in Calgary, Canada.  Last year, when she was 80 years old, Maureen golfed her age—that elusive, inspiring goal for so many golfers. Maureen has over 7,500 readers for her blog, aptly named “78 MPH—Where 78 is the new 65,” where she writes about golf, sporting events, bridge, and much, much more. To say that Maureen keeps active is an understatement.

MaureenOShea-2-20151110But when Maureen’s daughter took her aside at a party and said, “I can tell you are missing out,” Maureen had to agree.

“I was not hearing well in group situations,” said Maureen.

She went in for a hearing test, but it showed her hearing was normal. Not satisfied with that answer, Maureen went in for a second hearing test that revealed a major blockage in her right ear, resulting in a medium hearing loss. Her hearing care professional suggested a hearing aid, which Maureen wasn’t eager about at first.

“People buy hearing aids and then stop wearing them because they didn’t work the way they expected,” said Maureen. Her perception was that hearing aids were difficult to wear and rarely provided good results. But close friends helped Maureen come to see that hearing aids have changed quite a bit over the years. It was after her discussion with those friends that Maureen started to come around to the idea of getting her own hearing aid.

Maureen was fit with ReSound LiNX and immediately took to using her iPad to control her hearing aid settings. Maureen also uses other technology, like the ReSound Unite Mini Mic to help her hear the television better—which is critically important as she is a fan of the CFL (Canadian Football League).

MaureenOShea-20151110Now, Maureen isn’t shy about telling others about her ReSound LiNX.

“It’s like wearing glasses,” she often says.

She doesn’t mind calling attention to her hearing aid by changing the battery in front of people. And she also does not mind suggesting others get hearing help—because it helps people stay active.

Read more about Maureen’s journey toward better hearing here .

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Thank you for Paying it Forward 4 Veterans!

Thank you for taking time yesterday to thank and honor our veterans! To ‪#‎PayItForward4Veterans‬, ReSound employees participated in a Veteran’s Day 5K over the weekend. Here are a few photos from the event:


VDay 9 VDay 13

Remember that for veterans suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus, their injury is a constant reminder of the time they served. If you’re a veteran or know a veteran who is struggling with hearing loss or tinnitus, visit to learn more about hearing loss, tinnitus and treatment options.

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Thank those who serve this Veteran’s Day!

Our veterans make sacrifices every day and many continue to make sacrifices long after they’ve left active duty. One of those sacrifices is their hearing. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, 60% of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan come home with hearing loss and tinnitus, which are the two most common service-related injuries1. The U.S. Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) estimates that in the past decade 840,000 service members have been diagnosed with tinnitus and just over 700,000 suffer from hearing loss2.

Untreated hearing loss and tinnitus aren’t just inconvenient, they can significantly impact a person’s life. For some, it can lead to social isolation, diminished job performance and depression3. Studies have also found that hearing loss can be linked to cognitive problems and dementia.

Similar to the civilian population, veterans typically wait at least seven years before seeking treatment, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America4. ReSound offers a selection of hearing aids to help people reengage with their lives, including our newest technology, ReSound ENZO2. ReSound ENZO2 brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time with top-rated sound quality, durable design and Made for iPhone connectivity.

This Veteran’s Day (Wednesday, November 11), we want to say “Thank You” to our veterans for sacrificing so much for our freedom. That’s why we’re asking you to #PayItForward4Veterans. Do something nice for a veteran in your life – help rake leaves in their yard or just take some time to visit with them. Don’t know a veteran? Print this image and do a random act of kindness asking others to #PayItForward4Veterans too!

Veterans DayPrintoutIf you’re a veteran or know a veteran who is struggling with hearing loss or tinnitus, visit to learn more about hearing loss, tinnitus and treatment options.

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2 Hearing Health Foundation,
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ReSound ENZO Story: Rick Ledbetter

Rick Ledbetter is an active musician, bass player, writer, and producer, with his own digital audio production studio. He’s also a demanding hearing aid wearer with a profound hearing loss.  Rick plays five-string bass that has a low B at 32 Hz, so clean amplification of the low frequencies is critical. Hearing—and hearing well—is a big piece of Rick’s livelihood. And he is very happy with his ReSound ENZO™ hearing aids. He says they produce a very natural sound, and he believes it’s the “best [hearing aid] today for active musicians and live music lovers with severe or greater hearing losses.”

Rick first noticed his hearing loss about 20 years ago; during a recording session, the RickLedbetter-08192015audio engineer commented on how loud Rick’s headphones were, and suggested a hearing test. This marked the beginning of a progressive loss and a bumpy journey through the world of hearing aids.  Since then, as his hearing loss increased, he has gone through five pairs of hearing aids, with much frustration. Some could not handle the on-stage volume and badly distorted sound, others did not have enough power, and others had programming issues that prevented any acceptable degree of reliability.

“One of the problems is that musicians cannot accept the typical process of ‘Try this and if it doesn’t work, come back in a couple weeks.’ Our livelihoods and professional reputations depend on hearing and we need the aids to be right from the beginning,” said Rick

All that changed with ReSound ENZO. The hearing aid was “Very good right out of the box, better than anything I used before with just the in situ fitting,” said Rick. As an experienced audio producer, Rick gave his ReSound ENZOs high marks: “The [ReSound] ENZOs have nice clean low end, with very little input stage distortion. Even with my profound loss, the highly amplified top end comes through well.  The [ReSound] ENZOs have very good fidelity for both live and pre-recorded music, even with complex instrumentation like orchestras.”

Rick uses the Resound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 as a direct feed in the ear monitor system, taking an audio output from the mixing console and it works very well, balanced with the aids’ microphone. “The sound quality was really good, even when the band got a little loud. In my previous aids, the low end disintegrated into a distorted mush of bass and drums, with the wind instruments and guitars not much better than a roar of distortion. When I played my first performance with the [ReSound] ENZOs, I was braced for distortion, but it never happened – everything was there to hear, from guitars and flutes down to the lowest note of my bass. For years I had to put up with hearing aid distortion in performance, and I am now faced with the happy task of relearning how music is supposed to sound.”

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Gail Ogrodnik Hears New Sounds

WalkinWoods-4-10092015When Gail Ogrodnik heard crashing through the woods near their heavily wooded home on Vancouver Island, she reached quickly for her 18-month old grandson walking beside her. Cougars and black bears were common—but really, who knew what might be racing toward them?

It was only Gail’s German Shepherd. It turns out Gail’s dog, Oliver, had been following her on walks for some time—she had simply not heard him.

Gail has had hearing loss since childhood. Over the years, she tried a number of hearing aids. She also learned to read lips and employed other coping skills, like asking her grandchildren to “please face her when talking.” Otherwise she would not know what they were saying.

But in May of 2015, Gail was fitted with two ReSound LiNX² hearing aids.

“Until I tried these new ReSound hearing aids I did not realize what exactly I was unable to hear,” said Gail. “I have a severe hearing loss. I knew I was missing a lot, but had no idea until now.”

New Sounds
After starting with her ReSound hearing aids, Gail heard a number of firsts. Like a hummingbird.

“They get that name from somewhere, that humming of the wings,” said Gail. “I’ve been listening right outside my window and I just stopped because it is such a beautiful sound.” The rustling of the woods and the bushes were remarkable when she first heard them, too. Gail had never before heard the sound of a garbage can scraping on the street. But now she knew which direction to look to locate the sound. And waves:

“Did you realize rocks roll with waves?” she asked.

But then the new sounds peaked with her grandkids.

“Then the icing on the cake,” said Gail. “My 1 year old grandson and his daddy telephoned. I heard Evan’s little giggle directly into my head. ‘Hi, Mamma’ he said I’ll never forget that sound right into my head.”

Embrace Technology
Gail uses other technology as well to help her hear in certain situations. She uses the ReSound TV Streamer 2 to stream sound to her hearing aid from her TV. And finds the iPhone to be “magical.” It used to be that she would “miss every couple words,” but now she looks forward to telephone conversations. And the ability to stream music through her hearing aid was something of an epiphany for Gail. She had never heard music that close or that well before.

“I now have two dreams,” said Gail. “To take my grandkids to Disneyland and to hear all of the laughter—in the happiest place on earth. I used to watch the children laugh on rides and wondered what that really sounded like. Now I just want to hear more and more.”
“And I want to take my grandchildren to a symphony to hear all of the musical instruments.”

“These hearing aids, it’s just, like a light switch,” said Gail. “It’s gotten turned on. It is just so phenomenal.”

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Mai Vang: Helping the Helper

MaiVang2-2-08182015Mai Vang is a born helper. She grew up watching her mom reach out to neighbors and friends and she also looked for ways to help others, even as a child. After suddenly losing her hearing in August 2013 (100% in left ear, 40% in right), she had to step away from her life insurance career because she could no longer help her clients as well.

In the meantime Ms. Vang, wife of Chai Xiong and mother of four boys, made and sold thousands of egg rolls to help pay for the medical costs associated with her hearing loss. So many egg rolls, in fact, that she was unofficially dubbed the “Egg Roll Queen” in her East Saint Paul, Minnesota neighborhood. Her egg roll operation sold so well it took over her kitchen, which eventually made it difficult for her family, and she had to stop. It was during this time that Ms. Vang was also helping with fundraisers for neighborhood people in need.

Ironically, it was while helping with neighborhood fundraisers that Ms. Vang made connections that led to ReSound. ReSound donated a hearing aid to Ms. Vang through the ReSound philanthropy program. She was fitted with a hearing aid on her left side through Dr. Jerry Zhou at Hearing of America.

“It gives me so much joy to have ReSound reach out to me,” said Ms. Vang. “ReSound has given me hope that I can hear again.”

To learn more about Mai Vang, visit her GoFundMe page.

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Her Hearing Aid Provides Far Less—And Lucy Couldn’t Be Happier

blog pic

Lucy with her Audiologist Dino Dell’Orletta

Lucy is mother of two and makes her home north of Barrie, Ontario, Canada with her husband and family. Lucy has only 15% of her hearing and has had a mixed history with hearing aid fittings—even super power hearing aids. Under some conditions the hearing aids did well, but always managed to allow some distracting sounds through. With ReSound ENZO, Lucy is able to hear more—and sometimes less—than previous hearing aids.

“The sound quality is amazing,” says Lucy. For instance, previous hearing aids always amplified background noise: the refrigerator humming, the car engine, vents in the house. The hearing aids would pick up everything. In fact, Lucy would often miss the doorbell because of the refrigerator humming. And before ReSound ENZO she still found herself asking people to repeat things because of the loud background noise.

But with ReSound ENZO, all that has changed. After a careful audiology assessment with audiologist Dino Dell’Orletta (The Hearing Clinic, Barrie, ON), Lucy was fitted with the ReSound Enzo. The ReSound Smart app allows Lucy to adjust the bass and treble with the swipe of a finger. By turning the bass all the way down she can “tune out the fridge,” which eliminates a great deal of background noise when at home. And in the car she uses the app to tune out the car engine and can now hear her daughters talking in the back seat. Oh, and she can hear the traffic around her, which is, of course, useful when driving.

Lucy makes great use of the programs set by her audiologist in the ReSound Smart app. She has a program for the car that drowns out background noise while still letting her converse with others. Another program allows her to hear speech better and another that makes sound clearer when talking on the telephone. The ReSound Smart app lets her make adjustments easily and inconspicuously in a group or at noisy places like a restaurant.

In fact, Lucy is hearing noises she’s never heard before. On a recent walk through their rural neighborhood—a place they have lived for 15 years—Lucy turned to husband and asked about the tapping noise.

“That’s a woodpecker,” he said. “Look right there.”

“And I saw it and heard at the same time,” said Lucy. “That was new for me.”

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